About Us

Laser Photonics researches and builds equipment to aid initiatives for space exploration. We address equipment that has the capability of improving efficiency, safety, inventory management, and more. Laser Cleaning in particular is a new disruptive technology effectively replacing environmentally hazardous processes like sandblasting, chemical cleaning, or abrasive blasting – eliminating the health risks associated with sandblasting and chemical cleanings equipment. Lasers are applicable for contamination removal, surface restoration, and surface structure.

Parts and components can be laser marked for identification in maintenance, repairs, and replacement schedules and operation.

Recommended System: Canyon 3D, Markstar Pro, Markstar Pro Plus, Laser Tower Series, Code X.

Laser cleaning of engine thrusters, nozzles, and other high-temperature components to eliminate scaling and for maintenance purposes.

Recommended Systems: CTH-2000-LPC.

Laser cutting of skins, fuel tank components, and latches for manufacturing and maintenance purposes.

Recommended Systems: Titan Express, Titan FX, Cobra.

Laser marking and laser engraving for permanent, non-removable identification marks on critical components for scheduled maintenance, ID traceability, and replacements.

Recommended Systems: Laser Tower Series, Canyon 3D.

High-temperature tile ID markings for maintenance services, replacements, repairs, and inspections.

Recommended Systems: Markstar Pro Plus, Markstar Pro, Megacenter, Canyon 3D.

De-scaling of main rocket engine thrusters, stabilizing and directional nozzles, and exposedhigh-temperature components using laser cleaning.

Recommended System: CTH-2000-LPC.