DefenseTech LPC-MS

    The Department of Defense is currently finding a large number of counterfeit components in its products. The DefenseTech line of products solves this problem by offering a world-class traceability solution for the military supply chain.





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    The LPC-MS is the industry’s first handheld fiber laser marking and engraving system designed for true portability. It is ideal for permanently marking surfaces, with special attention to highly reflective metals. This industrial-grade system was designed to be maintenance-free, and to continuously deliver flawless markings on virtually any surface, under any condition. The system is maintenance-free and requires no consumables with a MTBF rating of > 50,000 hours.

    » 2D Bar Codes

    » Service Marks

    » UID Codes

    » Part Numbers

    with MarkStarMark it once

    It lasts Forever

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    The DefenseTech LCP-MS is highly flexible and capable of permanently marking a wide variety of materials.

    » Missiles and Other Small Weapons

    » Military Vehicles and Aircraft Parts

    » Inventory Tracking

    » Shipment and Storage

    Marking Area: 2″ x 2″
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    The LPC-MS is used throughout the Military…

    Air Defense Solutions

    • Aircraft MRO Cleaning
    • Vehicle Maintenance
    • Weapon Systems Maintenance
    • Missile / Munitions Service Marks

    Land Defense Solutions

    • Handheld Service Marks
    • Artillery/Munitions Corrosion Control
    • UID Barcode
    • Parts and Engine Cleaning

    Sea Defense Solutions

    • Missile & Torpedo Corrosion Control
    • Missile & Torpedo Service Marks
    • Pre & Post Weld Cleaning
    • Coating Preparation

    Cage Code: 7EBG2 / Unique Entity ID: C1TLM1LG6NE5

    Technical Specifications

    2D UDI/UID Barcoding • OCR Code Marking 
    Sequential Serial Numbers • Alphanumeric Marking
    Lot and Dates Codes Logos and Schematics
    Medical/Automotive Coding Anodized Ablation
    IC Chip Package Marking Paint Ablation & Removal
    Part Numbering Coating Ablation
    Surface Annealing/Etching • Galvanized Metals
    3D Engraving/Deep Engraving Complex Graphics
    Aluminum Rubber & Silicon
    Synthesized Plastics Nylon/Valox
    Titanium and Nickel Multi-Coated Materials
    Polycarbonate Galvanized Metals
    Polypropylene Carbide/PVC
    Painted Metal Alloys Glass
    Chrome & Cast Iron Ceramics
    Coated Plastic And More!
    System Specifications

    Model Number: LPC-MS
    Power Output: 20 Watt
    Laser Safety Class: Class IV
    Wavelength: 1064 nm
    Operating Mode: Q-switch
    Cable Length: 3m
    Marking Area: 2” x 2”
    User Interface: USB Port Supporting Windows 11/FiberScan C3 LT
    Operational Voltage: 110v/220v, 8A
    Unit Weight: Handheld Unit: 4.1kg (9lbs) Total System: 13.6kg (30lbs)
    Operating Temperature: 0-40°C (32°-104°F)
    Cooling System: Mini-Exhaust Ventilator
    Safety Features: Emergency Stop, Key Switch, Remote Interlock, Reset & Emission Indication

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    DefenseTech Safety Features


    The DefenseTech Handheld Laser marking machines are Class IV laser instruments that incorporate additional safety measures for easy and safe operation across all industries and work environments. It operates off both AC/DC power sources, and can perform under high-vibration, shock and dust conditions.


    » No Dangerous Chemicals

    » No Hazardous Fumes

    » No Complex Cleaning Procedures

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