Laser Photonics’ CleanTech Simplifies Drivetrain Cleaning for Professionals in the Automotive Industry

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct 9, 2023 – Laser Photonics Corporation, a leading global developer of industrial laser systems for laser cleaning and other material applications, highlights a key application for its CleanTech laser systems.

“Professionals in the automotive space have greatly benefited from using our laser cleaning technology as it has helped them solve unique challenges that traditional methods are often unable to meet,” said Wayne Tupuola, CEO of Laser Photonics.

Laser Photonics’ CleanTech laser cleaning technology has multiple applications in the automotive industry, which includes cleaning drivetrains. These laser systems excel at cleaning this component in manufacturing and assembly line settings due to its fast and cost-effective nature. Any grease, oil, or other contaminants are vaporized during cleaning, leaving the part spotless and undamaged.

For more information about the CleanTech line of laser cleaning systems, please visit or contact our sales department at [email protected].

CleanTech Laser Blasting Technology
The CleanTech Laser Blasting Technology manufactured by Laser Photonics is eco-friendly, cost-effective and time-efficient. Applications include rust removal, paint removal, surface preparation and more. This technology is an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting, dry ice blasting and other abrasive blasting techniques.

David Thierer
Marketing Specialist
Laser Photonics Corporation
[email protected]

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