The CleanTech Laser Cleaning Systems

CleanTech Laser Cleaning Systems

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The future of industrial cleaning is here!

CleanTech™ is a complete industrial-grade, high precision laser cleaning and surface conditioning system – safe and eco-friendly. CleanTech is made in the USA and available in large format (CleanTech Titan, CleanTech Titan Express), CleanTech Megacenter and the rugged, portable CleanTech Handheld laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning is a non-contact, environmentally friendly process for removal of surface coating from metals, concrete and delicate substrates such as composites – with minimal impact on the base material. Laser cleaning is applicable in nearly every industry and can be applied to glass, ceramics, metals, concrete, plastics and much more. Laser Photonics’ portable system expands the cleaning from the floor to the field. Laser cleaning and removal can be applied to surfaces of bridges, aircraft, large vehicles, trains, etc – in addition to small parts and sensitive materials.


The CleanTech™ Laser Cleaning System has a distinct advantage over costly traditional methods, such as chemicals or abrasive blasting systems. These traditional methods typically have a negative environmental impact, hazardous fumes and can wear on the substrate and damage the material. CleanTech™ Laser Systems remove coatings, contaminants and residues with the non-contact, non-abrasive use of high energy laser sources. CleanTech is the most cost effective, efficient and safe method of industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal and surface preparation. Utilizing our proprietary technology, CleanTech cleans materials faster and better than other system on the market.

Laser Photonics emphasizes a high quality design of technologically advanced equipment and provides unrivaled products with respect to value, performance, range and efficiency.