Mid Power CW Fiber Lasers

Up to 500 W

Laser Photonics’ mid power CW fiber lasers cover an output power range from 100 to 500W and feature a wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options, low amplitude noise, high stability and extremely long pump diode lifetime. Lasers are typically air-cooled up to 500 W average power. Compact water-cooled units are also available for average powers up to 500W. Redesigned electronics offers extended control functionality. The lasers are available with a wide variety of fiber terminations or collimation optics.

Fiber Termination

100 – 500 W average power range
Record wall-plug efficiency
Excellent reliability
Excellent single mode beam quality
Negligible beam pointing
Stable beam quality in full power range
Direct modulation in kHz range
Very low cost


Beam Mode Quality:
Depending on the application requirements, the CW lasers in mid-power range are offered with either single-mode or multi-mode beam quality. Due to absence of thermal lensing refractive index gradients in the laser cavity, fiber lasers maintain beam mode quality and divergence when the output power is adjusted. This is not the case with DPSS bulk lasers which are typically optimized to run at nominal power level.

The CW fiber lasers in the mid-power range are typically offered with random polarization; linear polarization is an option. We also offer linearly polarized ytterbium CW fiber amplifiers up to 500 W. Please contact your Laser Photonics representative if linear polarization is required.

Direct Modulation:
Direct power modulation in the kHz range is a standard feature.

Power Stability
Typical power stability is <1% over 4 hours under stable environmental conditions.

YLM modules are air cooled up to 400 W output power, YLR rack unit lasers are air cooled up to 500 W. 200W is water cooled.

The lasers are packaged as either OEM modules or as 19” rack mountable units. OEM modules require a DC power source, rack-mounted units typically require single phase 50-60 Hz power source. The rack mounted units have front panel control of laser power and LCD display. OEM modules are controlled through RS-232.