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What are the benefits of Laser Cleaning. Eliminates Tooling and Consumable Costs: Laser systems operate with minimal consumables. Replacement parts, chemicals, and other component costs can add up to a significant hidden cost by yearend—putting a significant dent in your annual profits. Lower Operating Costs: Laser tech is more compact and efficient than other conventional methods. Their adoption allows manufacturers to free up expensive floor space and eliminate payroll redundancies. In manufacturing “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” usually works… until something breaks. A decommissioned system can halt production; staggering an entire supply chain and drying up projected cash flows. Unexpected lag-times and expensive repair costs can drive quarterly earnings—or the entire firm—into the ground. Investing in the latest laser solutions manages the costs and risks of malfunction by virtually eliminating maintenance and replacement expenses. Laser Photonics’ product lines boast an industry-leading MTBF—surpassing 100,000 hours.

Laser Photonics Corporation

About Laser Photonics Corporation

Laser Photonics Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, is the leading industrial company in high-tech laser systems for laser cleaning, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications. Our systems are—currently and historically—used by manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, and medical industries around the world. The Laser Photonics brand is associated with a number of worldwide licenses and patents for innovative and unique laser products and technologies. The brand has, for over three decades, been the workhorse of industry-standard laser subtractive manufacturing.

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