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Lasers in Automotive Industry : Application Newsletter

Application Newsletter: Lasers in Automotive Industry  Laser use in automotive manufacturing dates back to Ford Motor Co in the mid 70’s. Lasers were used initially for under body welding for an assemblyRead More…


Applications Newsletter: Laser Cutting Fabrics, Leather & Textiles

Clothing Manufacturers Use Laser Cutting to Quickly Move from Catwalk to Retail Today’s fashion trends can change as fast as a street light on Fifth Avenue. Clothing manufacturers are using laser cutting as aRead More…


New Laser System Cuts Through Challenges Facing Medium Sized Manufacturing & Fabricating

Laser Photonics’ New Titan Express Fiber Laser Cutting System Orlando, FL (November 20, 2017) – Laser Photonics Corporation announced the newest member of the Titan Series of large format fiber laser cutting systems, the Titan Express. TheRead More…