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A Lean, Green Cutting Machine

Introducing the all-new Titan Express Your CO2 laser may still get the job done, but it’s time to stop cutting corners with your industrial machinery.  Our CleanTech Titan Express laser cutter offersRead More…

CleanTech laser removing rust from steel wheelwheel

Safer Workplace, Cleaner Environment and Huge Tax Breaks

Welcome to the Age of CleanTech­™ It isn’t often that watercooler gossip might turn to praising Big Government for new regulations, but this is 2020. The enforcement of new OSHA rules designedRead More…


Laser Photonics’ Systems Help Firearm Manufacturers Achieve Government and UN Compliance

Compliance has its challenges. Firearms manufacturers are working diligently to comply with the various handgun and ammunition marking laws from various states, government agencies, and the UN. In order to comply, manyRead More…


Lasers in Automotive Industry : Application Newsletter

Application Newsletter: Lasers in Automotive Industry  Using Laser Cutting in the Auto Industry – an Applications Newsletter Laser use in automotive manufacturing dates back to Ford Motor Co in the mid 70’s.Read More…


Laser Photonics Introduces CleanTech™ Handheld NCX with IIoT!

The CleanTech™ Handheld NCX laser surface cleaning machine is a complete, industrial-grade, high precision portable laser cleaning and surface conditioning system – The first handheld laser featuring IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) connectivity, increasedRead More…


Technology Update: Fiber Laser vs Dot Peen Marking

Technology Update Fiber Laser vs Dot Peen Marking Application: Barcode Marking Selecting the right marking technology is increasingly important in manufacturing as demands and regulations increase for permanent traceability of parts and products.Read More…