For over 30 years and counting, Laser Photonics has provided reliable laser cutting, cleaning, marking, and engraving equipment that has lasted more than 10+ years in heavy manufacturing environments; even radioactive environments at Nuclear Facilities. Nuclear Industry Laser Systems

Today, Nuclear facilities are faced with projects such as:

  • Marking contaminated tools, parts, and components for Identification
  • Coding, Tracking and identifying large immobile parts
  • Cutting metal pipes and structures
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning

Using traditional or conventional methods would take years to complete these projects. The alternative; the project can be completed in a much shorter time frame using laser technology – which can be used inside and outside contamination areas.

Laser technology in Nuclear Facilities provides an invaluable opportunity for advancements to:

  • Minimize contaminated surfaces
  • Decrease health and safety risks
  • Improve component marking and tracking
  • Achieve safe, practical material storage



The following systems have undergone and passed feasibility studies with multinational Nuclear Facility divisions and Nuclear Training Facilities:

Handheld MarkStar Pro

The MarkStarPRO™ is a hand-held 3D Fiber Laser Marking System designed for true portability into the field or warehouse operating off both AC/DC power sources. For oversized applications, the MarkStarPRO is the laser marking system of choice.

Part of the MarkStar Laser Marking Series

*HD Cart Accessory Sold Separately

Handheld LPC-100-CTH

Super Compact it is designed as a Professional level laser cleaning and surface treatment system for small areas requiring delicate cleaning, de-painting and other surface preparation operations.

Part of the Cleantech Laser Cleaning Series

*Carrying Case Accessory Sold Separately

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About Laser Photonics

Laser Photonics is an internationally recognized U.S. brand and manufacturer of all laser material processing equipment. With industry expertise in laser equipment of over 30 years and counting, Laser Photonics has been recognized on Fortune 500s’ top approved suppliers’ lists. Our systems are used for laser cleaning, cutting, engraving, and marking in some of the world’s most renown companies in the medical, aerospace, automotive, defense, semiconductor, shipbuilding, and nuclear industries. Our machines are known to last reliably over 10+ years.

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