Laser Photonics is Hiring for the following positions!


Business Development Agent*
*Preferred with a focus in a specific industrial industry

Mechanical Design Engineer

Electrical Design Engineer

CNC Machinist

Electronics Assembler

Electro-Mechanical Assembler

 What To Expect:

If you are up for a challenge and want to contribute to a disruptive movement in the Industrial Laser Equipment Industry, then Laser Photonics gives you the perfect platform to work with. Located in Orlando, Florida, we design, sample, & manufacture laser machinery and grow, maintain, and build relationships with individuals in companies of the Fortune 500 ranking.

You should apply for the position if these apply to you:

Understand your role in the company and have self-initiative to improve processes. Requires no hand-holding and can make calculated risks.

Execute the task at hand utilizing the appropriate and available resources, assuring that it will add value to the company.

Operate as professionals, for we are working with large, world-wide corporations and top-level executives.

Demonstrate excellent customer service within reasonable accommodations, SOPs, and resources.

Contribute to implementing successful strategies for growth that can be repeated.



Preferred Candidate Matching: Qualifications/Skills Needed:

Associates to PhD’s or vast experience in a specific industry/field

Desire to be a team player and willing to offer other skills if necessary

Able to work independently and as a team with little to no supervision

Problem solver with an ability to suggest unique and multiple solutions

Presents a positive attitude at work and can prioritize revenue generating tasks



When Are We Looking To Use These candidates?



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