FIBER LASER (3,000W)  CO2 LASER (4,000W)
Laser System
• Laser and power supplies
• Computer and software
• Motion system
A combination of GE Fanuc (optional) heavy duty industrial motion systems and revolutionary fiber laser technology offer an easy-to-use and efficient alternative to large, bulky Nd:YAG and CO2 systems for precision cutting applications. The motion systems also feature reliable worldwide support.
Reflectivity Much less power is required for cutting reflective materials like aluminum or copper since more of the laser energy is absorbed by the substrate. This allows for intricate high-quality cutting at higher efficiencies than comparable laser cutting systems.
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
50,000 to 100,000 hours (estimated) Only around 20,000 hours
Power Consumption
Electrical power requirements
(1kW cost $.06 per hour based on working 250 days)
Very low power consumption
A 3000W fiber laser requires 10kW of electrical power plus 5kW for a
chiller with a total of 15kW.
$1,350 per year
15kW per hour at 6 hr. shift
$2,700 per year
15kW per hour at 12 hr. shift
An equivalent 4000W CO2 laser and chiller combination could
be as high 250kW for operation.
$19,350 per year @ 215kW per hour at 6 hr. shift
$38,700 per year @ 215kW per hour at 12hr. shift
Maintenance • No maintenance
• No consumables
• No cleaning or aligning of mirrors or beam path
$17,500 gas use in 6 hr. shift
$35,000 gas use in 12 hr. shift
Nitrogen: 99.9999% pure
CO2: 99.9999% pure
Helium: 99.9999% pure
$45,000 per year on an average 8 hr. shift
Power Efficiency
Electrical Power Efficiency
Up to 50% Only as high as 20%
Beam Quality & Spot Size TEM00 (<1.15) beam profile results in significantly higher power density directed to the material surface. Requires less power for the same result in comparison with CO2 systems
Optical Path / Beam Path Flexible Cable (up to 50m) Mirrors and optical path
Loss of beam quality and significant power drop-off
Cooling Requires smaller chillers than equivalent CO2 laser cutting systems
Total Cost of Ownership
First Year
$1,350 yearly at 6hr. shifts
$2,700 yearly a