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CleanTech™ industrial cleaning is applicable in nearly every industry and can be applied to glass, ceramics, metals, concrete, plastics and much more. Laser cleaning is the environmentally friendly and healthier non-contact solution for removal of surface coating from metals, concrete and delicate substrates such as composites, all with minimal impact on the base material. Laser cleaning is a process that removes debris, contaminants, dirt, or impurities (e.g. silicon cleaning, rubber cleaning, coating cleaning, carbon cleaning, etc) from material surfaces by using laser irradiation. The benefits of using a laser cleaner are that it is extremely environmentally-friendly, has low maintenance and implementation costs, and has a widespread application use throughout almost any global industry. CleanTech™ is the safest to use, the most cost-effective to operate, and the most efficient method available for industrial cleaning, rust removal, paint removal, and surface preparation. No other system on the market cleans materials faster—or more thoroughly—than CleanTech™, because no one else has our proprietary CleanTech™ technology.

Laser Photonics Corporation

About Laser Photonics Corporation

Laser Photonics Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, is the leading industrial company in high-tech laser systems for laser cleaning, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications. Our systems are—currently and historically—used by manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, and medical industries around the world. The Laser Photonics brand is associated with a number of worldwide licenses and patents for innovative and unique laser products and technologies. The brand has, for over three decades, been the workhorse of industry-standard laser subtractive manufacturing.

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