Automotive Industry

Automotive Laser Application

Beyond metal cutting and welding, auto manufacturers are upgrading to laser cleaning, laser cutting, and laser marking for vehicle sealing, and much more.

Applications For Automotive Industry

Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace industry represents the nation’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of civil and military components, equipment, services, and information technology.

Applications For Aerospace Industry

  • Date Codes
  • Serial Number
  • Bullet Marking
  • Mine Marking
  • Missile Engraving

Defense Industry

The US government and the DHS have approved a variety of programs where lasers became an essential part of present and future applications for Direct Parts Marking, UID

Applications For Defense Industry

  • Direct Parts Marking
  • UID Marking
  • Date Codes
  • Bar Codes
  • Machine Decontamination

Shipbuilding Industry

LP researches and builds equipment to aid initiatives in the maritime industry, shipbuilding, and ship maintenance/repair processes.

Applications For Shipbuilding & Maritime

  • Pre-Welding
  • Preparation For Coating
  • Ship Maintenance
  • Selective De-Painting
  • Post-Welding
  • Cleanup & Reconditioning

Nuclear Industry

For over 30 years and counting, Laser Photonics has provided reliable laser cutting, cleaning, marking, and engraving equipment that has lasted more than 10+ years in heavy manufacturing environments.

Applications For Nuclear Industry

  • Marking contaminated tools, parts, and components for Identification
  • Coding, Tracking and identifying
  • Cutting metal pipes and structures
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning
  • And More