How Our Laser Marking systems eased the etching processes for an aerospace client

“Over several years, Gables Engineering bought two Fibersource XPs from Laser Photonics to mark front panels and two Fibersource XP Pluses to do the artwork on coated glass used to make LCD panels. “We bought one about four years ago, and then a year later, we were so happy with it that we purchased another one,” says Kirsch. “Then, two years later, we bought two more. Not only are they meeting our expectations as far as no maintenance costs, but for the type of work we do, they are giving us a nicer surface when cutting into white paint. The fiber laser gives us a beautiful flat white surface without any etch marks. So we are actually happier with the outcome of the process that it produces.”

Kirsch also says these systems are pretty compact–the base is about 3 ft. by 3 ft., and it stands about 5 ft. tall. In a room that had one YAG laser, Gables Engineering can now fit two fiber lasers.

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