Orlando, Florida, April 24th, 2018Laser Photonics Corporation today announced the launch of the Portable (Handheld) CleanTechTM Laser, a new laser cleaning system designed to provide an ultra-fast, safe, simple, and budget-friendly alternative to dangerous and costly chemical or mechanical cleaning.

The Portable CleanTech™ Laser System is a complete industrial-grade, high-precision laser surface cleaning and conditioning system that operates as a portable, manually-operated, standalone unit. The machine removes rust, corrosion, and other surface contamination from metals and composites with minimal effect on the base material, using non-contact, non-abrasive, high-energy laser sources.

The system is suitable for use on the shop floor and in the field, in applications like Marine Equipment corrosion removal, local service area aircraft de-painting, rust removal, cleaning before welding, and surface decontamination. It is designed to clean large parts that won’t fit inside equipment or to replace wet chemical and environmentally dangerous processes, and it can be installed on a robotic arm or inside Class 1 enclosures.

In manual operation, the cleaning head has a dual activation switch and mechanical interlock for safety compliance that is designed to quickly and precisely deflect and position the laser beam.  Stable operating conditions as well as long-term stability are provided by pressurized air injection into the optical shroud and particle extraction between the optical and protection shroud layers.

CleanTechTM  Laser Systems are manufactured in a variety of laser powers and fully automatic equipment configuration. The systems can be delivered in 50W, 100W, 300W, 1,000W and 2,000W.

Laser Photonics is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems, specializing in advanced and innovative processes and technologies. For more information about the Portable CleanTech™ Laser System, visit www.laserphotonics.com or call (407) 804-1000.

Download PDF – CleanTech Portable Laser System PR