Laser Photonics Corporation has created an affordable, high performance, industrial-grade laser, the LPC-50CTH CleanTech™ (Handheld) Laser, a fast, precise, and incredibly productive laser cleaning tool that is ideal for small businesses. It is super compact and designed as an entry-level laser cleaning and surface treatment system for small areas requiring delicate cleaning, de-painting, and other surface preparation operations. It is classified as a Class IV laser instrument under 21 CFR 1040.10 and can operate as a stand-alone unit with all required safety precautions or as part of an automatic Class I laser system.

Microprocessor controlled, the system is instantly ready when the key is turned on. It has a touch screen that allows the user to choose from five pre-designed cleaning patterns. No computer is needed to operate the system. Its heavy-duty industrial design is based on years of experience building handheld lasers for marking and engraving applications. It is an air-cooled, pulsed laser system, and it can be delivered in a sturdy, shock-resistant Pelican Case to guarantee operation in hush industrial or field environments.

The system is specifically designed for shipbuilding, aerospace, mold injection, automotive, gas, and oil industries. It can be used for mold release cleaning, marine corrosion removal, decontamination, zinc coating removal for welding operations, automotive parts manufacturing, food processing equipment cleaning, sewage treatment, rubber tires, rust removal, aircraft de-painting, coating and paint stripping, degreasing, parts pre-coating, pre-welding treatment operations, welding treatment, and oxide removal.

Laser Photonics is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser systems, specializing in advanced and innovative processes and technologies. All systems are made in the USA; warranties and financing programs are available, along with exceptional customer service. For more information about Laser Photonics’ new and affordable CleanTech™ Laser, visit or call (407) 804-1000.