Laser Photonics’ CleanTech: Streamlining Corrosion Removal on Wheelsets in the Rail Transport Industry

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 6, 2023 – Laser Photonics Corporation, a leading global developer of industrial laser systems for laser cleaning and other material applications, highlights a key application for its CleanTech laser systems.

Wayne Tupuola, CEO of Laser Photonics, commented, “Professionals in the rail transport industry are looking for ways to streamline maintenance and improve safety following several high-profile derailments in recent memory. That’s why our CleanTech laser cleaning systems have piqued the interest of operators worldwide.”

In the rail transport industry, wheelsets are stored outdoors in train maintenance yards, where they are held until being mounted on a train car. Exposed to the elements, these wheelsets quickly develop a layer of rust and corrosion that can contribute to operational issues. With the CleanTech laser cleaning system, these wheelsets can be quickly cleaned during storage and prior to installation on a train car. Rusty wheelsets introduce more friction between the wheels and the track, which can lead to issues for a train.

For more information about the CleanTech line of laser cleaning systems, please visit or contact our sales department at [email protected].

CleanTech Laser Blasting Technology
The CleanTech Laser Blasting Technology manufactured by Laser Photonics is eco-friendly, cost-effective and time-efficient. Applications include rust removal, paint removal, surface preparation and more. This technology is an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting, dry ice blasting and other abrasive blasting techniques.

Media Contact:
David Thierer
Marketing Specialist
Laser Photonics Corporation
[email protected]

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