Our Entry Level Marking System Family

Why User Our Entry Level Laser Technologies?

Combined with our extensive experience of integrating Vision Systems into laser equipment

  • State-of-the-art, Air-Cooled, Ytterbium Q-Switched Fiber Laser for marking on virtually any material (metals, plastics, ceramics; etc.)
  • This Marking Kit has two scanning heads working simultaneously
  • (master-slave configuration) which doubles the speed of the marking process.  This could be very useful for marking a large quantity of parts with the same pattern.
  • Integrated Design with laser, laser control and power supplies in one box for each of the two scan heads
  • Designed for maintenance-free Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications
  • PC with user-friendly software supplied
  • Excellent beam quality (M2=1.4)-TEM00 beam profile
  • 100,000 (MTBF) hours maintenance-free operation
  • Low voltage power source (110/220 VAC) requirements
  • Flexible cable beam delivery system
  • Possibility to operate without a PC. In this case, the marking pattern is saved on the multimedia memory card.
  • Built-in I/O for integration into a production line or other equipment.
  • IC Chip Package Marking
  • Layer by layer dark paint removal for radio buttons and backlit panels
  • Direct Parts Marking, Bar-coding, 2D Data Matrix Codes, Lot Codes, Date Codes
  • Surface Annealing
  • Surface Etching
  • Ablation
  • Cutting
  • Paint Removal from plastic surfaces
  • Surface marking
  • OCR Code Marking (Human and Machine Readable)
  • Common Applications:  Alphanumerics, Logos, Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, Lot / Date Codes, Schematics, Complex Graphics, Pictures, and Logos Etching (Material Vaporization),
  • Surface Texturing
  • Circumferential Markings (Mark Round Parts)
  • ITO Removal
  • 2D Symbologies Linear Barcodes
  • Marking “On the Fly”
  • Production Line Inline Integration

Maintenance Free

Fiber Laser was specifically designed for maintenance-free OEM applications.  It delivers a diffraction limited (M2<1.05) laser beam directly to the worksite via a metal sheathed single mode fiber cable. These compact service-free lasers are designed to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions, with relatively high humidity and temperatures. They do not require routine replacement parts or materials; they require only a low voltage power source. Wall-plug efficiencies up to 50% result in a compact size, reduced utilities, and trouble-free air cooling.  Fiber-to-fiber architecture means a robust, monolithic design with no optics to align or maintain, no mechanics to stabilize, and with the focusable power and high power densities needed for the most demanding applications.


With a common group of interchangeable building–block parts and subassemblies, the company offers the largest variety of stand-alone, turnkey systems based on over 25 years of end-user requirements.

On-Going Support

Laser Photonics supports customers throughout the world and has a dedicated team of Service and Technical Support Engineers to provide after sales service from the moment the laser is delivered. We promise to give you our full attention and to act with integrity and accountability. Laser Photonics offers extensive customer training and support to ensure the best system performance.

Our Costumers

Our Industrial Laser products have for more than 2 decades been the preferred choice of laser material processing systems for companies including Blue Origin, Baker Hughes, NIKE, 3M, Delphi, NNSY-Norfolk Naval Shipyard, NASA, Cannon Air Force Base, Eaton Aerospace, GE, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson and PPG to name but a few.

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