Fonon DSS (Display & Semiconductor systems) is a division of Fonon Technologies, the world renowned inventor and manufacturer of Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™. Fonon DSS focuses on the semiconductor and flat panel display industry, utilizing the patented technologies below which demonstrate the highest level of precision known to man.

Our patented technologies include:

  • Laser Marking and Engraving Technology
    • Fiber Laser marking technology
    • UID Laser marking and Engraving
    • Handheld laser Marking
      • Service marks and ID for Weapons, Ammunition, Bomb Shells, Missiles, Hi pressure vessels, Pipeline weld quality
    • 3D Laser Engraving technology

LaserTowerTM Series Marking and Engraving systems

Complete line of Laser Marking and Engraving Systems from Desktop Models to large automatic systems with X/Y/Z capabilities equipped by 30 – 100 Watt SLAB CO2 Laser, or 20 to 50 Watt Q-Switched Fiber Laser, or both lasers (CO2 and Fiber on DUO System) at the same time on one machine with various options

Professional RT
Professional  CM
Professional  DUO