laser grilled chicken feature

Generic Chicken Fast Food Restaurant Storefront

In science fiction, replicators generate complete, ready-to-eat meals on-demand. We aren’t there yet, but lasers are now producing grill marks on food products for the food processing industry. Laser Photonics has experimented with new applications in using Laser equipment to make grill marks on food products such as precooked chicken, chicken wings, raw chicken, sausages, patties, flatbread, and even dog treats. The tests proved to be a feasible alternative to traditional methods in creating grill marks on food products.

laser grill marks on four pieces of chicken

An OEM CO2 laser kit was used to add grill marks to cooked chicken breasts (left), and naan bread (right).

Companies in the food processing industry are looking to improve methods of creating these marks in replacement to using food systems such as flame grill rollers. Using lasers for this application offers improvements in maintenance costs, the taste of the product, and the consistency of aesthetic marks made on products. Laser temperatures can be adjusted to deepen grill marks, while the width of markings and speed can be adjusted to meet production and efficiency needs. The high temperatures achieved using laser light grills the product, leaving aesthetically pleasing grill marks, and satisfying real grill flavor. This method not only improves the taste of the product, but it also improves the appearance, consistency, and evenness of these marks – mimicking those of a real grill finish. This method is easily customizable and allows for branding logos, names, images, and any other design into the grilled presentation.