The SBM3 is our professional-grade flatbed laser cutting and engraving solution for a wide range of applications. Businesses specializing in signage, rubber stamps, data plates, glass etching, plastic cutting, wood engraving, and custom marking, to name a few, benefit significantly from adopting the SBM3. Companies that previously outsourced cutting, marking, or engraving can save time and money in the long term by adopting this technology and bringing these projects in-house.








    Easy To Use


    The SBM3 requires no prior experience to use and is easy to master. The system connects to a Windows PC for seamless graphic processing and can be utilized for processing uneven and curved surfaces; a rotary for circumferential marking is an optional add-on. The SBM3 is a Class I system by laser safety standards – it is fully enclosed to prevent exposure to laser radiation. However, it allows for work-in-progress observation via glass panels and a built-in camera. Explore our SBM3 models with power options available from 50 to 100 watts.

    Industries using the SBM3


    • Date Codes
    • Serial Number
    • Bullet Marking


    • Paint removal, and surface preparation
    • Marking on all automobile parts
    • Coating removal on windshields


    • Direct Parts Marking
    • UID Marking
    • Machine Decontamination

    Battery Manufacturing

    • Battery Cleaning
    • Battery Welding
    • Titanium Oxide Removal

    Technical Specifications


    • Sign-making
    • Glass engraving (bottles, glasses, flat sheets)
    • UID / barcode marking
    • Industrial tags, animal tags, data plate
    • Marble engraving
    • Trophy customization
    • Embroidery cutting
    • Rubber stamp engraving
    • Paper and fabric cutting
    • Wood engraving
    • PET cutting
    • Custom engraving

    Plastic Laminates
    Glass Multi-Coated Materials
    Wood Foam
    Anodized aluminum Leather
    Fabrics Ceramics
    Acrylic Marble
    System Specifications

    Model: LPC-SBM-3
    Wattage: 50w
    Laser Selection: Gas carbon dioxide (CO2)
    Maximum Speed – Cutting: 300mm/sec (11.8 in./sec)
    Maximum Speed – Engraving: 1000 mm/sec (39.4 in./sec)
    Cutting Thickness: 0-25mm (0 -1”)
    Laser Min. line Width: 0.2 mm (0.01”)
    Resolution: Up to 4000 dpi
    Working Area: 1000 mm x 600 mm (39.37” x 23.62”)
    Z-axis Range: Adjustable up to 210 mm (8.3”)
    Memory Buffer: Standard 64MB, stores up to 99 files with all settings
    Computer Interface: Standard USB cable and printer driver
    Control Software: RD-V8
    Operating Modes: Cutting – vector; Engraving – raster graphic
    Power Requirements: 110VAC, 60 Hz / 20 Amp
    Dimensions: 1450 x 820 x 1050 mm (57.1” x 32.3” x 41.3”)
    Cooling: Air cooled