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New technology aims to challenge EPA & OSHA unfriendly abrasive blasting & chemical etching methods, as well as address specific 3d metal printing applications.

ICT Investments, a private equity firm, announces the completion of restructuring its photonics assets for the creation of a new entity – Laser Photonics Corporation. The entity will develop and deploy a new generation of laser-based material processing machinery and equipment. The new company is created through a consolidation of assets and the IP of several entities involved in the material processing sector.

The main goal of the new company is to advance conventional laser-based equipment, such as high-end industrial laser marking, engraving, and cutting systems, as well as laser cleaning, laser-blasting, laser rust removal, and laser de-painting, better known as CleanTech™. CleanTech™ technology is designed to challenge and globally replace EPA and OSHA unfriendly abrasive blasting and chemical etching methods and techniques.

Another priority of the new company is to advance 3d laser metal printing technology, recently labeled as LAM (laser additive manufacturing). This equipment is extremely instrumental for applications with unique specifications such as dental, knee, joint, and bone replacement structures. The 3D metal printing technology will also address broad applications in aerospace and shipbuilding industries, as well as on-demand spare parts fabrication for DLA (defense logistics agencies) use.

“Lasers have become an integral and widely adopted process within industrial material processing. LPC is poised for success in the growing $20B market with newly available laser technology, Artificial Intelligence, new generations of controls and algorithms, advanced vision and focusing machine components, and a present demand for application-specific high-end 3D laser metal printers and other laser material processing equipment”, says Dmitri Nikitin, ICT Partner leading the Laser Photonics Corporation project.

In the animosity of the project, the new company plans to seek funding from Wallstreet to fund the development of a new generation of 3D laser Metal Printing equipment and technologies, known today as BTS™ (Bulk to Shape Transformation Technology™). Laser Photonics is already ranked as one of the top brands in the world by market researchers and is projected to have an enormous opportunity for growth with the recent consolidation. LPC has already penetrated key markets by receiving orders from major shipbuilding and ammunition companies for its portable laser cleaning machines.

About ICT Investments:
ICT Investments is a closed-end, non-diversified private investment company. ICT focuses on middle-market companies for debt or equity investments mainly in the alternative energy sector. ICT invests in complementary companies along with their industry value chain. Their portfolio is a composite of entities, mainly consisting of complementary companies in which they have controlling interests and developing companies.

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