Glass Wafer Dicing

    Zero Width Laser Cutting TechnologyTM

    The GW500AB is the latest generation of precision ZWLCTTM laser Glass Wafer Dicing system for IR and CF camera windows, micro displays and other demanding applications.






    Easy To Use

    Higher speed

    • 100 times faster than conventional laser dicing
    • 20 times faster than mechanical saw

    High throughput

    • Can process 200mm glass wafer in under 2 minute
      Increase yield
    • Save on space, time, labor and machine expense

    High precision and accuracy

    • No loss of material

    Technical Specifications



    Dicing Speed 1000 mm/sec
    Glass Wafer Dicing Time 3.5 min.
    Surface Area Loss 0% loss
    Street Width 0
    HAZ 0
    Surface Temperature 100° C
    # of Passes Required 1
    Micro Cracks none
    Chipping none
    Edge Strength excellent, 5 times stronger then conventional scribe and brake
    Glass Wafer Thickness 0.3 to 0.5 mm
    Residue none
    After-Process Cleaning Requirements none
    Clean Room Compatibility Class 1000 or 10000


    • Single or Dual Head Configuration
    • Optional Dual Head master-slave configuration
    • 2 units of Fiber Lasers configured for Dual head operation
    • 3D package for focal distance alignment without mechanical Z-axis
    • Master/ Slave configuration or both heads works independently from each other
    • Damage-free dicing
    • Capable of producing smallest street widths which in return provides additional space for more parts per wafer
    • High speed (up to 1m/sec) process results in reduction of cost and processing time per wafer
    • Capable of cutting wafers on tape frame
    • All-in-one system