System Description:

The MarkStarPRO™ Portable Handheld Laser System – is a hand-held 3D Fiber Laser Marking System designed for true portability into the field or warehouse operating off both AC/DC power sources.  For oversized applications, the MarkStarPRO is the laser marking system of choice.

Laser Photonics Corporation’s MarkStarPRO is an industrial-grade system designed to operate under continuous high-vibration, shock, and dust conditions and is Windows 7 compatible. All Direct Parts Marking (DPM), including UDI/UID barcodes, logos, and all other service marks are permanent, legible and non-removable with special attention to highly-reflective metals.

The system is maintenance-free and requires no consumables with a MTBF rating of > 50,000 hours

The HandHeld Laser Marking device is classified as a Class IV laser instrument under 21 CFR 1040.10

  We Offer Our Customers…
  • Factory and on-site operator training
  • Advanced customer training
  • Designated customer service engineers
  • Optimal system configuration
  • Inbound Customer Support
  • Advanced application support
  • Notifications of System Upgrades
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Direct Technical Support
  • Engineers log in for testing/troubleshooting
  • 2D UDI/UID Barcodes
  • Sequential Serial Numbers
  • Lot Codes and Date Codes
  • Medical/Automotive Coding
  • IC Chip Package Marking
  • Part Numbering
  • Surface Annealing/Etching
  • OCR Code Marking
  • Alphanumeric Marking
  • Complex graphics/Pictures
  • Aluminum:
  • Stainless Steel and Mild Steel
  • Titanium and Nickel
  • Copper and Brass
  • Polycarbonate/Polypropylene
  • Painted Metal Alloys
  • Chrome and Cast Iron

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    • Maintenance-Free Direct Part Marking (DPM) requiring no consumables
    • Continuous operation under high-shock, vibration, and dust conditions
    • 110V/220V AC power source
    • Q-Switched Fiber Laser with 1.0mJ at 20kHz energy per pulse
    • Red-Diode Pointer
    • 4″ x 4″ processing chamber
    • USB Port supporting Windows 7/FiberScan C3 LT
    • Industrial-grade laptop PC includes software
    • Wide range of pulse durations, high-repetition rates and peak powers
    • Class 4 laser-rated safety viewing port
    • Laser “ON” locked footpad contact for operator safety
    • Mini-Exhaust Ventilator
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees C
    • Flexible 3 Meter Optical Fiber Cable
    • Weight: Handheld unit 10 pounds / Total system weight 35 pounds

    The MarkStarPRO is the industry’s only hand-held 3D Fiber Laser Marking System designed for true portability operating off both AC and DC power sources.  

For Specifications About the MarkStarPRO™ Download Our System Brochure.