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And Which Is Right for You?

Laser Photonics primarily focuses on two types of lasers: solid-state (fiber) and gas (CO2). Ultimately, both laser formats can achieve similar results, and although each laser has its own strengths and weaknesses, the right laser for you will mostly depend on the application.

CO2 Laser (3000W)Fiber Laser (3000W)
Laser SystemLaser based on a gas mixture in which light is amplified by carbon dioxide molecules.Diode Pumped Laser with a doped fiber as gain medium where most of the laser module is made of fiber
ReflectivityCO2 lasers are less effective for cutting highly reflective materials since much of the beam is reflected back towards the source and not absorbed by the substrate. As a result, higher power levels are required for cutting as compared to fiber lasers.

Much less power is required for cutting reflective materials like aluminum or copper since more of the laser energy is absorbed by the substrate. This allows for intricate high-quality cutting at higher efficiencies than comparable laser cutting systems

Reliability (MTBF)Only around 20,000 hours50,000 to 100,000 hours
Power Consumption
Electrical Power Requirements (Average United States)’s Average Power Cost:
$0.1002 per kWh
Based on 2 10-hour shifts and 250 working days per year.
High Power Consumption
Laser Consumption: 54 kW
Chiller Consumption: 32 kW (Estimate)
Calculation: 20h/day * (54kW+32kW) * $0.1002/kWh * 250days
$43,086 per year
Very Low Power Consumption
Laser Consumption: 14 kW
Chiller Consumption: 11kW (Estimate)
Calculation: 20h/day * (14kW+11kW) *
$0.1002/kWh * 250days
$12,525 per year
MaintenanceMaintenance & Service Costs:
$35,000 per year
Estimated Purge Gas Consumables:
Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium
Estimated Gas Cost: $7.66/h
Calculation: $7.66/h * 20h/day * 250days
$38,300 per year
• Minimum Maintenance
• Low Consumables
• No cleaning of or alignment of mirrors for beam path
Power Efficiency
Electrical Power Efficiency
Only as high as 6-7%Greater than 30%
Beam Quality & Spot SizeTEM00 (<1.15) beam profile results in significantly higher power density directed to the material surface. Requires less power for the same result in comparison with CO2 systems.
Optical Path/Beam PathMirrors and optical path
Loss of beam quality and significant power drop
Flexible Cable (up to 50m)
Cooling50,000 BTU10,000 BTU
Total Cost of Ownership
First Year (Estimation)
$116,386 per year$12,525 per year
Laser Photonics Corporation

About Laser Photonics Corporation

Laser Photonics Corporation, based in Orlando, Florida, is the leading industrial company in high-tech laser systems for laser cleaning, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D printing, and other materials processing applications. Our systems are—currently and historically—used by manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial, maritime, and medical industries around the world. The Laser Photonics brand is associated with a number of worldwide licenses and patents for innovative and unique laser products and technologies. The brand has, for over three decades, been the workhorse of industry-standard laser subtractive manufacturing.

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