Ink Removal Anilox Cleaning

Today’s manufacturing is moving into the future with laser systems, but leave their cleaning and coatings removal to chemicals and old processes that are not environmentally friendly or just plain hazardous. Upgrade your facility with Laser Photonics CleanTech™ fiber laser cleaning systems – a non-abrasive cleaning process that is both safe and eco-friendly.

CleanTech is the most cost-effective, efficient and safe method of industrial cleaning and surface preparation. Utilizing our proprietary Flexion technology, CleanTech systems clean materials quicker and better than other systems and processes on the market.

The Laser Photonics brand is proud to help industries around the world become more effective, efficient and eco-friendly in their production. Our fiber laser systems have been integrated into many industries such as: defense, government, aerospaceautomotivebiotechmedicalmanufacturing and food processing.

CleanTech is available in the large format CleanTech Titan, NEW industrial grade Titan Express, turnkey CleanTech MegaCenter and our portable CleanTech Handheld system.

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