The carbide, oxide coated and stainless steel were marked with a surface etch, the stainless steel was marked with a dark mark as well. A light etch is produces the most contrast when marking on carbide. Marks were made at the heights of 0.075”, 0.1” and 0.15” The cycle times for the etched marks at the height of 0.075” was 1.02 seconds, at 0.1” had a cycle time of 1.26 seconds and at the height of 0.15” the cycle time was 1.58 seconds. The dark mark took a little longer since multiple passes were used, three in total. The cycle time for the dark mark was 3.47 seconds. The parts were marked with a 20 watt q-switched ytterbium fiber laser and 160 mm focal length lens. The parts were surface marked so there would not be any disruption to the integrity of the bits.


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