Material: Silver plated 416 SS
Power: 20 Watt
The method used: Engraving
Frequency: 40kHz

Since there was not a rotary indexer configured at the time during the processing of this application, the most feasible solution was to rotate the parts by hand. The total marking area was broken into 3 sections. The 3 sections were all marked with the same parameters but did have different cycle times. The first part of the mark took only 0.96 seconds with the middle part taking only 0.79 seconds and the last part of the mark taking 0.74 seconds to lase. Giving the total laser marking a time of 2.46 seconds. This laser marking time does not include the 2 rotations needed to complete the mark.

Technology: Q-switched Fiber Laser
Focal Length Lens: 160mm

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