Laser Photonics Corporation announces the release of its new industrial robotic laser cleaning system. Known as the C-Robot Laser, it is the first commercially available collaborative, easily programmable, artificial intelligence (AI) capable, laser cleaning system made in the U.S.

The technology behind C-Robot programming lets operators with little or no programming experience quickly set up and operate the C-Robot lasers with intuitive, 3D visualization. The robot arm can be moved to desired waypoints, or operators can use the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. The C-Robot can also reuse programs for recurrent tasks.

Precise positioning and tight focusing of the laser beam optimizes the cleaning processes with much smaller laser powers. This reduces costs, making the laser cleaner affordable for industrial businesses. The robotic laser cleaner replaces hazardous wet chemical processes and can replace sand, soda, glass bead, and dry ice blasting.

The robotic laser cleaner produces high-quality cleaning results, both in surface integrity parameters and visual appearance, while maintaining high speed and throughput. The C-Robot Laser was tested on a variety of industrial applications and delivered phenomenal results in comparison with manually-operated systems.  It can be used in hundreds of applications and industrial processes including rust, paint, and ink removal, industrial and injection molds cleaning, and degreasing and removal of surface contamination before painting.

Using a robotic laser eliminates any concerns regarding human hazard and eye safety. If equipped with the AI module, 3D scanner and visualizer, Vision system, and Class 1 safety shroud or enclosure, the laser is also capable of fulfilling multiple tasks at the same time such as cleaning operator, QC inspector, engineering programmer, and process engineer.