Bulk To Shape™ Transformational Technology

FLS 350 universal platform is ideal candidate for incorporation of BTS™ Transformational Technology into a 3D Laser Printing machine tool. BTS™ is a “BULK TO SHAPE™ TRANSFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY”, were raw material for 3D laser sintering is not a Nano powder, but metal ingot, rod, wire, plate, or string. System is generating fine powder directly inside and above build chamber and accurately depositing metal powder layer by layer with 10 to 100 mkm layer thicknesses.

It features 600 x 600 mm XY motion platform, which is ideal for all medical implant and joint replacement applications.

Metal Powder is free from oxidation, and represents pure metal, existing in the powder shape just few seconds. Together with Fusion Splicing™ and Laser Comb™ technologies BTS™ produces the pure, fully dense, accurate and precise part at the end of the build cycle.

The whole process takes place in inert gas atmosphere or in deep vacuum, preventing metal powder from oxidation, and adding the ultimate sintering control to the entire 3D metal printing process.

In another words technology transforms the bulk metal into the desired shape part during BTS™ Additive Manufacturing Process. Technology can find invaluable application in building precision rocket engine parts and space craft parts directly on the orbit, in deep vacuum environments.

Bulk-to-Shape is an umbrella of 3D printing technologies which emphasizes production-level parts quality.  The portfolio of technologies represents a transformational approach to industrial, application-specific metal additive manufacturing.

Bulk-to-Shape enables manufacturers to reliably integrate 3D metal printing into full production environments.

Early metal printing systems were designed around commonly-used architectural structures and components which are used in the subtractive materials processing industry.  Bulk-to-Shape 3D printing technology begins the design process by matching suitable additive manufacturing technologies, 3D print methods, and software packages to the exact part specification and powder formula which are specific to the printed part.

Transformational Technology

  • Designed for specific applications and parts. Each system is designed based on part specification

  • Ideal for full production environment

  • Ideal for mass production of both small and large objects. Build space is 3 meters by 1.5 meters

  • Uses a multi-kilowatt fiber laser and a sealed, magnetic Direct Drive motion system

  • Each application-specific system is built to meet or exceed a precise part requirement and metal specification.

3D Metal Printing Systems

  • Broad applications: can create a variety of complex and simple objects

  • Ideal for prototyping: shrinks cycle times and reduces development costs

  • Limited physically to small objects. Build space is 250 mm x 250 mm

  • Typically use a fixed fiber laser and a Galvo scan head

  • Unable to consistently create complex parts in a production environment which satisfy the tolerances accepted by most quality assurance programs

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Bulk-To-Shape technology is available immediately for application development. Contact Laser Photonics for additional details.

Next Generation 3d Metal Printing systems

Next Generation 3d Metal Printing systemsThe Company, under its Bulk-to-Shape Transformation Technology™ (BTS™) portfolio, continues to expand its family of patents, licenses and proprietary IP addressing industry specific concerns with today’s conventional technology limited typically to MRL5.

The Company has formed a partnership to design and manufacture the next-generation of 3D metal printing systems incorporating their recent family of metal printing patents. Combining proprietary IP with the company’s BTS™ technologies rapidly accelerates the next-generation of 3D metal AM printing systems driving metal printed parts quality to MRL10* production readiness.